According to the Digital Agenda for Europe (2014-2020), enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion is one of the main priorities while due to the European Economic and Social Committee, all Europeans – and here elderly people- must become e-seniors as soon as possible. On the other aspect of the context, active ageing means that senior citizens activate themselves in order to be as much as possible independent, and autonomous, taking part in personal, societal, economical life along with their own contribution; digital skills play a crucial role and promotion of Active Digital Skills “proADAS” is oriented to a proper methodology and subsequent results triggering these skills and leading the elderly to be a live part of our society.


The proADAS project aims to:

  • Tackle the gap between ageing population and digital literacy and address the high necessity for digital key competences due to seniors population proportion in Europe, contributing at the same time in the alliance of societal challenges, technological developments and economical growth
  • Strengthen and reinforce the stakeholders, experts and practitioners in the fields of adult education & lifelong learning, digital education & promotion of active ageing competences; empower relative training providers adult's educators and older people's carers to successfully deal with seniors' training and the variety of cases
  • Make digital competences more accessible to seniors over 60-year old and increase the use of ICT at all levels (instrumental activities, social participation, learning, etc)
  • Enhance seniors competences and skills -thus their social participation and quality of life-in the proper way so that they are positively included into society and preventing their isolation concerning specially gender difference & in regards with digital technology and developments
  • Design and create innovative methods and supportive packages with digital tools & Open Educational Resources towards trainers and trainees needs
  • Construct a real methodology and subsequent approaches gathered in a curriculum tailored to seniors characteristics and needs with educational practices and learning materials arising from and adapted to the variety and variability of the third age
  • Enhance the international and European dimension of active digital ageing accompanied with an impact on relevant decision makers at local, regional, national and European framework
The proADAS is a project whose transnational necessity is highly proven by the ageing polulation themselves; Europe has a high presence in the world’s countries with the highest percentage in third age population.

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