The Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion (AIE) is a European network constituted as a Croatian NGO and participated by 33 members (Regional and Local governments from Italy, Greece, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro and Albania) for the promotion of trans-national cooperation between regions and local authorities. AIE represents a model for cross-border cooperation aimed to promote the coordinated and integrated development between regions. AIE supports their members, especially those in the EU accession process, to create joint initiatives and to prepare the regional stakeholders to be qualified in the cohesion policy and to deal with the EU financial instruments. Its action is focused on several policies such as tourism and culture, fisheries, transport and infrastructure, environment, welfare, as well as employment and social inclusion. For this specific initiative, the Euroregion can involves their members in each countries. Number of paid staff: 2, Number of unpaid staff: 4 Volunteers.
Main experience of the organisation and due to the proADAS objectives and content, AIE presents :
  • High capacity to organize transnational events;
  • High capacity to involve and mobilize political and technical actors of the Adriatic and Ionian area, especially those in the candidate and potential candidate countries;
  • Capacity to promote the results of the project within its members;
  • Capacity to implement projects financed by the Erasmus+ programme;