Welcome to proADAS

Senior citizens represent an important and ever growing part of the European society, our economy, culture and our lives, and ‘Active Ageing’ as a term entails the framework in which elderly people experience a better ageing through the boosting of their life quality and the independence; adding ‘digitality’ in the procedure of ‘active ageing’ means that we provide them with the essential skills to respond to the 21st century features and demands & at the same time to help them come closer to a model of a completed life of welfare perspectives, social participation, personal improvement, independent living. The project proADAS is in alliance with the development of relevant-high quality skills and competences, since the partnership of the participating bodies here are oriented and committed to implement all these actions/activities needed for supporting seniors in acquiring and cultivating to their best level the basic skills and key competences, both with a digital content, towards personal development, civic participation and successful social life.